Monday, October 22, 2007

Midnight in the Garden of Rayback! (soon to be out of business...)

Here are a few pictures of my neighborhood in Boulder taken a couple of hours ago. Kind of an interesting, cold experience walking around taking pictures at midnight. Fortunately I didn't get mugged. One girl noticed me standing on the other side of my apt. complex parking lot. I decided it would be too weird to take a flash picture, so I just stood there while we noticed each other noticing each other, and she made her way quickly inside before flash photography resumed. Otherwise, uneventful. Rayback is a used appliance supply store near where I live. (deep breath) Although I find many of these buildings very interesting, and I enjoy looking at them, I cannot help feeling a powerful desire to leave when I see many of the buildings on north 28th Street in Boulder. In that sense, I suppose, they are very inspiring. Revisiting the places which were new and exciting when I was in college is now making me feel only a new and exciting desire to be somewhere else. Asia! Git 'R Done...

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