Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Mission

Welcome to Go 2 Asia !! My name is Stephen. This is the website that I've created to document my efforts to organize, fund, and execute a large-scale trip to Asia. The trip will be ambitious in scope. It is in the dream phase right now. My goal is to see Asia. This is the progression I hope to follow:

1) Create a plan for the journey which will have wide appeal. It must be interesting to me, to the friend who accompanies me (possibly my friend Ben?) And, critically, to potential sponsors.

2) Generate support for the trip as a means of funding it. Ideally, funding will come from drug companies, fundraising organizations, clothing and gear companies, etc. I have epilepsy, and I would love to use my experience travelling in Asia as a means to promote the idea among other people with similar conditions that it is possible to both to have a chronic condition and to have adventures.

3) Finalize the specifics of the plan, go through an intense period of logistical preparation in order to prepare for take off. Make sure that everything is in order before beginning the journey.

4) Travel in Asia!

I've created the website at such an early stage both because I am so excited personally about the trip and because I am hopeful that creating interest, no matter how limited in scope, at this early stage will be helpful when I get to stage two in the process. It is now 11:21p.m. and I am going to go shoot some photos of my neighborhood. I felt inspired to do this earlier today because my current surroundings are a large part of my motivation for planning such a journey, but I didn't have my camera. Check back soon for pictures!

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